Xzavier Cross- An old friend of Rhen's. Former Lieutenant, now Commander Cross. A spectacle wearing ginger.

Mage Adan- Intercepted one of Mariah's communications involving Marek somehow. Went to report his discovery to the Estellonian Authorities, only to be killed by Black Sid.

Zoe- A flirtatious bar maid at 'The Gear Works', and is no stranger to Rhen. A frequent source of information. 

Miss Rita- Apothecary and caregiver of Sarah.

Sarah- "A Wanderer", she vanished one day alongside her twin brother, only to suddenly reappear years later, a crazed wizened husk of her former self, she rants about "The Shadows" returning. Like most wanderers, her longevity seems to have miraculously increased. Her brother, Jakob, was never seen again.

Princess- A runaway pet Manali, whom the crew of the True North are hired to find.

Archduke Leopold Pinchot- A popular musician, who doesn't care for his birthright, and would rather just party.

Bad Dudes:Edit

Marek- A powerful, conniving man, easily recognized by his scar on his face. He is plotting something... what could it be? Also referred to as the Marquis.

Ava- Marek's right hand, very devoted. 

Black Sid- Mercenary, has a long history with Rhen. It's rumored he had something to do with the death of Rhen's parents, many years ago. Seems to somehow be immune to magic.

Acacia- Gothic Lolita. A BDSM obsessed lady, she appears cute with her pigtails, but her cruelty is unbearable.

Stu- Lady Acacia's uh... humpbacked slave.

Ian- Acacia's boyfriend, and Marek's henchman.

Mariah- Communications expert. weird purple-suited chick. Voice sounds a lot like a computer. Her suit allows her to change her voice and misdirect the enemy.

Talon- A dude with dual swords strapped to his back, with quite a fearsome reputation.

Thalia and Mel- A matching pair of... Statues? Come to life? Their outer shell is made of stone, and they are fast and lethal.

Count Gaylord Pinchot- Behind his thick glasses, a mind with unmatched technical skills.

Red Soldiers

Captain Bartholomew Scythe- Pirate Captain. Smells bad. His band of pirates runs into The True North at the Ardri Islands. 

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