Biographical Information
World Earth
Nationality American
Profession High School Student
First Appearance Chapter 1 page 12
Supernatural Abilities none
Skills Being conceited and a Bully

Physical Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Love Interests Chris
Allies unknown friend
Enemies Mia

Connie Molly

Earth Character


Brianna seems to be one of those cool girls you would see in any chick flick. She seems cold and mean. Bullying Mia for having a crush on her then boyfriend,Chris, claiming he would never gofor out with her ,Mia for being "ordinary" and not like her.


Brianna attends in the same high school as Mia and is in her class.Brianna dates Chris, Mia's long time crush. However ,Brianna constantly taunts her for this.When Mia accidentally bumps into Chris and spills his popcorn Brianna becomes both jealous and mad.

Brianna then follows Mia into the library, to probably bully or get revenge on her, Mia sees Brianna; however Brianna doesn't see her and gives up when Mia transports to Belatyr. She then gets dumped by Chris, for bullying Mia.

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