I'm just messing with you! You're kind of cute when your flustered.
~ Chris, from Chapter 7, Page 5
Chris-Mia Relationship
Chris-Mia Relationship
General Information
Type One-Sided Love Interest (Possible Romance?), Friends
Characters Chris Shields
Mia White
Status Friends/Classmates

Chris-Mia Relationship is a relationship between Chris Shields and Mia White. From the start of the comic, Mia has had a crush on Chris however it is unknown if Chris returns the feelings.


Chris and Mia are both classmates from school. Since the beginning of the comic, Mia has a clear crush on Chris. Although, she admits that she he doesn't even notice her. Mia shows obvious signs of her crush. From literal dreaming, day dreaming and staring at Chris in class. Her obvious signs of a crush is the reason that Brianna picks on Mia.


Early LifeEdit

Before the events of Shadowbinders, both Chris and Mia are classmates and Mia develops an crush on Chris.

Chapter 1: My Life as I Know It.Edit

Both Chris and Mia are seen in school. Mia daydreams about Chris asking her out. This annoys the teacher as he frequently tries to get her attention. Chris' girlfriend, Brianna replies with a nasty comment explaining how she was staring at Chris. Chris seems oblivious to what's going on.

Outside of School, Brianna continues to pick on Mia commenting that Chris would never look at her and she continues to boast about how she is Chris' girlfriend.

In Mia's imagination, a giant claw came down and kills Brianna. Mia begins to laugh but gets interrupted by her friends who are annoyed by Brianna actions. Mia worries about how she will face Chris because he knows about her staring at him.


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