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Crimson Rhen
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Crimson Rhen
Biographical Information
Name Rhenford Tizzel
Other Names Crimson Rhen, Rhen
Profession Mage, Captain of the True North,
First Appearance Page 7
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age 20s
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Enemies Black Sid
Belatyr Character

Rhen is the last male mage and the captain of the True North

he is a play boy, however even though he doesn't show it often he is kind and sincere


Early History[]

Comic History[]


Crimson Rhen is a handsome mage that appears mostly arrogant, brash and narcissistic, but he does has a kind side shown only to close friends and family.




Parents are both deceased.  Rhen is an only child and was very attached to his mother.

Father-Reginold Tizzle (died when Rhen was 12 years old)

Mother-Victoria Tizzle (died when Rhen was 9 years old)

Winston the Feeb has been with the family for generations.  He is a friend and was a caregiver to young Rhen.




Black Sid- Black Sid despises Rhen claiming he should've have killed him a long time ago, but didn't because Rhen was just a boy at that time.

Mia also gets a dream in which she witnesses Rhen being killed at the hands of Sid.

Clothing and Personal Items[]

Crimson Rhen almost always wears a long red coat as well as a gold medalion with and engraving of his family crest. 

Appearances in the comic[]