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Biographical Information
Name Grandma (Unknown Real Name)
World Earth
Nationality American
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 17
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Earth Character

Grandma (unknown full name) is the grandmother of Mia White and her family. She first appears in Chapter, Page 17. She gives gifts to both Mia and her brother.



Grandma has a kind and loving nature. She frequently hugs members of the family showing her love and she frequently does kind acts such as buying presents.


Early LifeEdit

Chapter 1: My Life as I Know It.Edit

Mia's grandmother first appears in Chapter 1 where she visits her family. As Mia enters the house her grandmother gives her a hug and tells her that she and her brother are her favourite grandchildren. She gives gifts to both Mia and Michael. Michael receives a Galatic Aces game while Mia receives a old journal and a puzzle box containing a magical ring. She acclaims that she found the objects in her grandfather old trunks in the attic.

Mia and her grandmother continue to talk about her objects. Then she announces she better leave, so before she went she hugged both of her grandchildren.



I just missed my favorite grandkids!
~ Grandma, from Chapter 1, Page 17

Mia and her Grandma are shown to have a kind and loving relationship. They frequently hug and Mia is always receiving presents from her Grandma. In Chapter 1, she was given a old journal and an old puzzle box which contained a magical ring.




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