Mia White - a 17 year old who is able to teleport to and from Belatry by using an antique ring that her grandmother found among her grandfather's old things.

Crimson Rhen - a mage and captain of the True North.

Winston - a Feeb. Said to be hundreds of years old.  No other Feebs are known of.  Winston has been with the Tizzle family for many years.

Tristan Barret - very mechanically inclined.  Grew up with Rhen in Seton's port.  He had a sister, Evangeline, who passed away in an accident.

Elaina - a permanent passenger aboard the True North.  She occasionally cooks, but it isn't her strong suit.

Andrew Mason - a young boy from Tyraina, adopted by Crimson Rhen after his village was destroyed by mysterious creatures.  Andrew was the only survivor.  Rhen has serious guilt, as he had the opportunity to save the village, but chose a more profitable venture instead.

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