Shadowbinders Shadowbinders is a young adult fantasy webcomic that features a number of steampunk themed elements. The comic is written and drawn by husband and wife Kambrea Pratt (writer) and Thomas "Kneon" Pratt (artist), who has worked on Disney comics for Gemstone Publishing. According to a television interview on WTAJ-TV, the current storyline came about when the Pratts mixed two different story ideas together. Since its publication, Shadowbinders has been covered and reviewed by comics media outlets such as Comic Book Resources and Sequential Tart.

The comic launched on August 27, 2010 and currently updates at the rate of 2-3 pages per week. A graphic novel containing the first four chapters was released in October, 2011, and a second in August, 2012 containing Chapters 5 and 6. Digital versions of both graphic novels were made available on the ComicsPlus app by iVerse Media on October 31, 2012. An omnibus collection of the first six chapters of the comic was also published in October 2012.

Originally published on, the comic was part of Keenspot from 2012-2013 until returning to its original URL .

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